About Denmark

Known to be one of the happiest countries in the world, Denmark is also known for its beautiful architecture including colourful buildings and historic castles, their ‘Hygge’ lifestyle (pronounced hoo-gah, used as a term to describe being content, cozy and present), and the creation of the Danish hotdog. Being some of the happiest people in the world means the Danes know how to kick back and enjoy life, and why wouldn’t they? They live in a peaceful country with great access to beer and wine where there is no legal drinking age for consumption so youths are taught to drink responsibility at a young age; from this, they learn to discuss their alcoholic beverages and appreciate the taste, something that is important to wine enthusiasts. Denmark’s wine industry has only recently begun to see promising growth. The climate in Denmark is not generally optimal for viticulture which is why many vines were grown in greenhouses during the 19th and 20th centuries. Climate change is causing drastic shifts around the world and one potential positive aspect of it for the Danes is that it could make the climate more appealing for viticulture. Recently, many vines have been grown outdoors and many of the wines produced are fruit wines, but the future may see wines produced which may be more consistent between vintages or have crisper characteristics.


5.806 million (2019)

42,933 sq km (16,577 sq mi)

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