About Lebanon

Lebanon is a relatively small country which sits coastal on the Mediterranean Sea between Israel and Syria. Although small, Lebanon packs a pretty big punch in terms of its wine history dating back 5,000 years to the Phoenicians (historic occupants of the coast along Syria, Lebanon and Israel). It is debatable but one of the most famous religious occurrences is said to have taken place in Lebanon where Jesus turned water into wine at the 'Marriage at Cana' - a party trick many of us wish we could do. Tourists often flock to Lebanon to explore rare cedar forests, go caving or hiking, visit monasteries and walk through the Roman ruins of Baalbek. On warm days (which are a common occurrence throughout the year), many people enjoy visiting one of Lebanon’s 50 wineries. Some of the most popular grape varieties that are grown in Lebanon are cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and grenache along with a couple native varieties like Obaideh (a white grape often with notes of lemon and honey) as well as Merwah (a variety that’s similar to semillon).


6.849 million (2018)

10,452 sq km (4,036 sq mi)

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