About Peru

When you think of Peru you likely imagine the popular Machu Picchu trek, weaving through lush amazonian jungle and the steep slopes of the Andes. An archeologist’s dream, Peru is teeming with the ruins of ancient Inca citadels and other wonders such as the NASCA lines. What you might not know is that Peru also bears the title of South America’s first wine producing country. During the Spanish conquest in the 16th century, the spaniards established wineries here with grapes they had brought from home. Peruvian wine was popular until an unfortunate earthquake ravaged their wine regions in 1687, after which most of the land was turned into cotton fields. Today, Peru’s wines are gaining popularity once again. A benchmark of Peruvian wines is their sweet flavour, which is owed to the unique climate in which the grapes grow. Most of the wineries, known as bodegas, are found in the Ica Valley - which is actually a desert! No, that isn’t a mirage you are seeing; amid the endless stretches of sand, the formidable dunes and the hot sun you will find beautiful winery resorts. After a long day of adventuring and riding dune buggies, there is no better way to relax than with a glass of wine and a dip in one of the resort pools. While Peru is still in the early stages of gaining international recognition, their wines offer a completely unique experience. The semi-arid desert of Ica offers a terrior that is both stunning to look at but also gives the grapes a unique flavour unlike anywhere else in the world. Irrigated by water from the Andes, any type of grape can be grown here - but we guarantee you have never tasted them quite like this before.


31.99 million (2018)

1.285 million sq km (496,200 sq mi)

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