About Serbia

Sandwiched between Hungary and Bulgaria, Serbia is a relatively large country Europe with a population of almost 7 million people. What’s so special about this country? According to polls it has rated internationally as one of the most hospitable countries. Who doesn’t love a genuine welcome to a new place when travelling? There is a lot to see and the locals are more than happy to help. Fun fact: Nikola Tesla, famous inventor and scientist was from Serbia. Upon exploration in the country visitors will find that there are many places rich with history. One of Europe’s oldest cities, Belgrade, is located here. Belgrade dates back to first having human settlements over 7000 years ago; it is also the current capital of Serbia and is known as being ‘the city that never sleeps’. The national drink in Serbia is ‘Rakija’, a fruit spirit often produced from plums, apricots, grapes, or even other fruits depending on the region where it’s produced. Serbian’s are also known for their wine production which dates back to the Romans. Viticulture has been on a rollercoaster of production but most recently is on a steady climb. Belgrade hosts an annual international wine festival called ‘In Vino’ as well as a local wine fair. Local wineries and wine enthusiasts frequent these festivals. There are multiple wine regions which surround Belgrade within a couple hours drive so renting a car to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and taste wine is always a favourite excursion amongst travellers.


6.982 million (2018)

88,361 sq km (34,116 sq mi)

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