Carr Winery

3563 Numancia St, Santa Ynez, 93460


Discover Carr Winery which is located at 3563 Numancia St, Santa Ynez, United States, 93460. Explore property features, wine offerings, and so much more.


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    • Tasting (paid)
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    • Wedding Venue
    • Wine Club

Wine Styles

Red Wine

  • Cabernet Franc
    Cabernet Franc (KA-behr-nay FRAHN) is a black-skinned grape variety.
  • Grenache
    Grenache (gruh-NAHSH) is a red-wine grape variety.
  • Pinot Noir
    No Data Found
  • Sangiovese
    No Data Found

White Wine

  • Pinot Gris
    No Data Found



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