Sebastiani Vineyards & Winery

389 4th St E, Sonoma, 95476


Discover Sebastiani Vineyards & Winery which is located at 389 4th St E, Sonoma, United States, 95476. Explore property features, wine offerings, and so much more.


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Wine Styles

Red Wine

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
    Cabernet Sauvignon (ka-ber-nei soh-VIN-yohn) is a black-skinned grape variety.
  • Malbec
    No Data Found
  • Merlot
    Merlot (mur-loh) is a dark-blue grape variety.
  • Zinfandel
    No Data Found

White Wine

  • Pinot Grigio
    No Data Found
  • Sémillon
    No Data Found



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