What Is Syrah: All You Need To Know About Syrah (Shiraz) Grapes

What Is Syrah: All You Need To Know About Syrah (Shiraz) Grapes A lot of people often wonder if Syrah and Shiraz are different wines but the thing is they are one and the same vintage. Syrah is the original name and it started being called Shiraz in Australia, it could be as a result […]

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What is Malbec: All You Need To Know About Malbec Grapes

One of the easiest and fruity red wines out there, Malbec is a wine that has gained massive popularity over the last 10 years. Another component of a Bordeaux blend, this grape was only used as a blend component in most areas before being made into pure Malbec wine. For a long time, this wine […]

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What Is Zinfandel: All You Need To Know About Zinfandel Grapes

Zinfandel is a red wine grape that is very popular in California vineyards. It is so popular there that it was wrongly believed to have originated from the United States for a long time. The grape is also known as Primitivo in some areas and has one of the highest alcohol content for red wines, […]

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What Is Grenache: All You Need To Know About Grenache Grapes

Grenache is a popular red wine grape that also goes by the Spanish name Grenacha. It is more popular as a blended wine with fewer occurrences of it being used as a varietal wine due to its low tannin, color and acidity levels. If you are a lover of the French blend Rhone Châteauneuf-du-Pape wine […]

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Wine Terminology 101: The Different Terms Used To Discuss Wines And What They Mean

Sitting amongst seasoned wine enthusiasts and listening to them discuss wines can be quite confusing if you are not familiar with some of the terms and phrases used in the winemaking and drinking world. It might sound like they are speaking a foreign language you never learned which is why we have put together this […]

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