Most people enjoy a meal accompanied by a nice glass of wine, and sometimes when you drink a certain type of wine with a meal, it seems to go stunningly while on some other occasions, the wine and food combination leaves you with a less than pleasant taste in your mouth. This is because not just any wine goes well with certain meals, some wines are best paired with special selections and types of food which enhance and bring together a wines flavor profile and characters.

Because we want you to always have the best experience every time you enjoy a meal with wine, we have put together a guide to help you understand which wines go best with what meals.

Sparkling wines

When you drink a sparkling wine like champagne or Prosecco, you want to pair your glass of wine with vegetable dishes like salads, and seafood like grilled fish or shellfish. You can also pair them with starchy food like sweetbreads, and soft or seasoned cheeses.

Dry white wines

For you to fully enjoy a dry white wine like Chardonnay or Riesling with meals, it should be accompanied by vegetable based meals, sautéd or grilled vegetables, grilled or baked fish and starchy food like pies.

Sweet white wines

A favorite for people who prefer delicate and sweet flavors in their wine, a sweet white wine like Moscato pairs well with soft and seasoned cheeses you would find in a cheese platter, and desserts like glazed donuts, shortcakes or tarts. Sweet white wines also pair amazingly with smoked or cured meat like salami and bacon.

Rich white wines

Richer golden white wines like Gewurztraminer make a great pair with poultry dishes like barbecued chicken or spicy duck. They are good with a soft cheese like taleggio, shellfish, and grilled fish as well as starchy food like pizzas.

Light red wines

Wines like Beaujolais Nouveau that are a light-bodied red wine pair well with food like grilled vegetables, cured meats like smoked ham, shellfish like shallots, roasted turkey and they can also be used in bread making.

Medium red wines

A medium red wine like Syrah or a nice Merlot would pair excellently with cured meat like bacon, starches like hamburgers, red meats like braised beef, poultry and white meat like quail, chicken, and duck. Medium red wines also pair well with hard cheeses like Gouda.

Bold red wines

Bolder red wines like Bordeaux blends and Malbec should be paired with seasoned cheeses like cheddar and comtè, cured meats and red meats like grilled lamb, venison or roast beef.


Strong red liqueur and fortified wines like a Port or Sherry would pair well with starchy food, soft cheeses like feta and desserts like dark chocolate, truffles, brownies or vanilla ice cream.


With this handy guide, you now know what wine goes best with different meals. This way, yo can pick out the perfect wine as you shop for a dinner party and go on to  impress your guests with your excellent wine/food pairing choices.