Prince Edward Island

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About Prince Edward Island

P.E.I., also known as PEI or Prince Edward Island, is a small province located on the eastern coast of Canada. This island is home to just over 160,000 people. PEI has beautiful sand beaches dotted with attractive red lighthouses, astonishing greenery, sand dunes, red cliffs and astonishing nature. It is also where ‘Anne of Green Gables’, a famous novel written in 1908, was based in. Visitors can travel from one end of Prince Edward Island to the other end in under three hours. PEI isn’t a large island; in fact it is the 104th largest island world-wide. Relative to other islands in Canada, PEI is Canada’s 23rd largest island, which isn’t too bad considering how many islands Canada has. Because of the small size of this island, visitors can likely visit all the wineries PEI has to offer on one short trip. Due to the relatively ideal climate and protection of winds from Lake Ontario, Prince Edward Island boasts a fairly desirable environment for viticulture – with soil minerality comparable to that of Burgundy in France. PEI is most known for it’s production of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay varietals. The wineries in Prince Edward Island are small-scale and often family run. Albeit small, these wineries have continued to win national and international awards within the short time they’ve been in production. Visitors to PEI can enjoy a calm pace of life paired with memorable sight-seeing and delectable wines – what’s not to like?


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