About Canada

In comparison to the rest of the world, Canada is just a toddler when it comes to wine production. Vineyards began to pop up in the last few hundred years but that doesn’t mean the wine is any less pleasant. Two provinces, British Columbia (B.C.) and Ontario, are responsible for the majority of Canada’s wine production. Ontario is well known for its vineyards near the Great Lakes, especially ones in the Niagara Peninsula region. The vineyards in Niagara Peninsula are mainly intimate with beautiful landscaping. B.C. is most famous for its Okanagan Valley and Similkameen regions which are often nestled on high up cliffs along lakes and rivers. Many locals roadtrip from nearby cities such as Vancouver and Kamloops to enjoy a short get-a-way of drinking and eating. On the winding roads between winery to winery are adorable family run fruit stands and cideries. The landscape also boasts many options to jump in a lake for a roadside swim which is perfect for the hot Okanagan summer days. In contrast to the hot summer days, Canada is actually most famous for the production of ice wine which is a dessert wine that can only be produced in cold-climates, go figure! If you’re visiting Canadian wineries keep an eye out for the Vintners Quality Alliance (VQA) on wines that are offered for tasting. This stamp of approval is specific to Canada and ensures that certain standards have been met regarding the wines authenticity of origin and quality. If a bottle of wine doesn’t carry this stamp, it doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t of high quality. Some producers don’t submit their wines for testing to the VQA board because of the expenses so don’t be afraid to taste a wine that isn’t certified, it’s likely still delicious.


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9.985 million sq km (3.855 million sq mi)

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