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About Saskatchewan

Nestled between the provinces of Alberta and Manitoba in Canada is the province of Saskatchewan, a large flat prairie land with many lakes, ample forest and even some sand dunes. Nature enthusiasts can catch a glimpse of the northern lights, watch amazing lightning storms roll through, and enjoy colourful sunsets in the evening. The capital of Saskatchewan is Regina, and almost half of Saskatchewan’s population lives here or in their other large city Saskatoon. Winters in Saskatoon are cold and the land is covered in snow – locals took advantage of this and once planned the world’s largest snowball fight with almost 7,700 participants. Due to the climate, Saskatchewan is mainly known for their production of fruit wines (often produced using cherries, saskatoon berries, rhubarb etc.). It’s not uncommon for the wineries surrounding Regina and Saskatoon to double down on their scope of business and operate as a distillery or brewery attached to the winery. Planning a lunch with non-wine drinkers? Perfect! There are wineries that have other alcoholic refreshments so your guests can enjoy what they love most, while you get to sip on a glass of fruit forward wine.


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