About Alberta

Sitting parallel to British Columbia in Canada is Alberta, a large province well known for it’s oil production, the Rocky Mountains, and West Edmonton Mall. West Edmonton Mall is well known in Canada as being North America’s Largest Shopping Mall – it has over 800 stores, a waterpark and an amusement park! It also sits in one of Alberta’s main cities and capital, Edmonton. Just a few hours away is Alberta’s other main city, Calgary, well known for it’s ‘Calgary Stampede’. Both cities have many wineries to visit. Alberta is known for its short hot summers and longer cold, snowy winters. Viticulture here is varied as the province is mainly a prairie with some mountainous range closer to The Rockies. Many of the wineries are closer to Edmonton and Calgary which makes for easy tourism because visitors don’t have to travel too far from points of interest. Many of the wines produced are fruit wines and other wines made from various fruits/berries not specific to traditional grapes. Many of the wineries in Alberta are on a smaller scale compared to the rest of the world which means for visitors there is ample opportunity for intimate service! Learn about the process and taste wines with their producers. Tastebuds will often be dazzled by notes of cherries, rhubarb, and raspberries in Alberta.


4.371 million (2019)

661,848 sq km (255,541 sq mi)

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