British Columbia


About British Columbia

Being one of the most scenic provinces in Canada, BC has something for everyone In regards to nature. Spanning from the Rocky Mountains through the Okanagan desert towards the coast of the Pacific Ocean , British Columbia has many different microclimates that produce their own impressive effect on wine production. Canada is known in popular culture as being a frigid landscape but a sizeable area of British Columbia is mild and significantly warmer than the national average. British Columbia has 9 main growing regions with the epicentre being in the Okanagan Valley. Here the climate is arid with hot summers and cold winters and is home to Canada's only desert. This desert is home to the Western rattle snake and the Ogopogo Lake monster believed to residing in Lake Okanagan. BC has its very own Nessie! Only a few hours away on Vancouver Island the climate shifts completely with the emergence of Canada's only rainforest. Here, a lush canopy of fir trees envelope the homes of banana slugs, white bears known as ‘Spirt Bears’ and possibly…the legendary Sasquatch. Outdoor enthusiasts also gravitate towards Vancouver island for the opportunity to ski and surf in one day! From the pistes of Mt Washington to the waves of Tofino excitement can be found in many appealing ways. The microclimate diversity and mild temperatures make British Columbia ideal for producing a wide range of grape varietals and styles. Much like the vibrance of the culinary scene the same excitement and passion Is found in the wine culture of British Columbia. Whether its a pinot noir from Salt spring island or a chardonnay from the Okanagan, British Columbia has a wine for every connoisseur.


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944,735 sq km (364,764 sq mi)

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