About Moldova

Moldova is a small country in Eastern Europe that is wedged between Romania and the Ukraine. Moldova is famous for having the world’s largest wine cellar in the world: it hosts 75 miles of underground tunnels that lay more than 200 feet below sea level and holds 2,000,000 bottles of wine. Moldova has a large fixation on wine and wine production: roughly 10% of Moldovan land is covered in vineyards and many of the country’s citizens have some involvement in viticulture. In recent years, Moldovan’s were some of the world’s heaviest drinkers by nearly tripling the global average for alcoholic consumption. Moldovan’s have been involved in viticulture for a very long time (since 3000 BC) and the growth of their vines have extended even further to 7000 BC. A long history has allowed the country to have a great reputation when it comes to wine which is why many tourists flock there every year. Some of the most common varieties grown are white grapes and include chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and Aligoté (which produces a dry white and often citrusy wine). Red varieties of note include cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and Sapervavi (which originates from Georgia and is a red, acidic wine). Did you know in 2013 Moldova was voted as the #2 ‘off the beaten path’ places to visit in the world? Since then, Moldova has gone from being one of the least visited destinations to making a mark on the map and being a desired place to vacation. There’s beautiful landscapes to be explored and lots of history to be learned. Bonus points for brushing up on your Romanian!


3.546 million (2018)

33,846 sq km (13,068 sq mi)

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