About Netherlands

The Netherlands is a small country that was once called ‘Holland’, and to make it even more confusing the people who are from the Netherlands are referred to as ‘Dutch’. Some people still like to refer to themselves as being from Holland though because there are still two provinces, North and South Holland, which are home to some of the country’s major cities. The history of Dutch viniculture dates back to 968 before the land was considered the Netherlands; only as recently as the 1970’s has modern production of wine taken place. There are currently around 180 Dutch vineyards which produce commercial quantities, and many other private vineyards which hide under the radar. A very beautiful city to visit for wine tours is Maastricht in the southern region of the Netherlands. Maastricht has been involved in viticulture since the Roman times and many tourists love to ‘winebar’ hop here because of the architecture and winding pathways and bridges along the city. A more famous area to visit in the Netherlands is Amsterdam which is well known for polarizing aspects: the ‘Red Light District’ and relaxed drug laws vs. stunning canals and iconic houses. There are even businesses in Amsterdam which offer cheese and wine tastings while riding in a boat down the canals - talk about paradise!


17.28 million (2019)

41,543 sq km (16,039 sq mi)

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