About Croatia

Many people have seen ‘Game of Thrones’ or at least heard of it, but not many people know that most of the filming took place on the Dalmation coast of Croatia. A popular beverage that was drank throughout the show was wine which is fitting because wine is also a very popular alcoholic beverage in Croatia. The wines produced in Croatia have won many awards at wine competitions yet they are not famous world-wide because of how small their wine production is. Anthony Bourdain, a famous celebrity chef who traveled to the country with his TV show ‘No Reservations’ liked his Croatian wine so much that he stated “I want to bathe in this. I would like to frolic in this wine”. The Croatian’s have had many years to figure out how to produce quality wine - viticulture began roughly 2,500 years ago when Ancient Greeks first arrived as settlers. Most of the wine produced in Croatia presently is white which makes for a refreshing patio drink on one of their many sunny days. Many tourists flock to Croatia for their summeresque climate, but some often miss visiting the smallest town in the world, ‘Hum’. Hum only has 30 inhabitants but still boasts some memorable experiences including cobblestone streets, tasty truffles, and grappa sampling.

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