About Romania

Resting on the Black Sea and squished between Hungary and Bulgaria is a mid-sized country called Romania. Romania is best known for the Bran Castle (also known as Dracula’s Castle, relating to the home of the fictional blood-sucking character of Dracula). There are other castles to visit, some nestled along the rolling hills and green mountain ranges. The second highest mountain range in Europe is a section of the ‘Carpathians’ located in Romania. This mountain range is known for its wildlife populations which include wolves, lynxes, bears and even chamois (a goat-antelope that is native to European mountains). Romania is also known for it’s production of Cotnari wines from the Cotnari region (pronounced ‘coat-nar’). Wine was first recorded around 1250 in Cotnari, but it took until the 1800’s for the sweet wines of this region to make their mark. If you’re don’t find yourself interested in visiting Cotnari, there are many other places to visit including what’s known as the most beautiful waterfall in the world, the Bigar Cascade Falls. Ever heard of Decebalus? It’s the largest rock sculpture in Europe and is only a couple hours away from Bigar Cascade Falls – visitors can book a tour which will take them to both stunning locations.


19.41 million (2019)

238,397 sq km (92,045.6 sq mi)

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