About Slovakia

What’s the difference between Slovakia and Czechoslovakia? They used to be a part of one-another until Slovakia ‘Czeched’ out during their ‘velvet divorce’. The velvet divorce was a peaceful separation which took place in the 1990’s. In terms of a divorce, Slovakia faired well: It boasts some amazing scenery which are very memorable for visitors: there are over 6000 caves to explore, 180 castles, captivating mountains, as well as some amazing medieval architecture. Archeologists believe Slovakian wine making has been around since the 7th century as they have unearthed clay wine jugs and vineyard knives which date back to that time. It appears that the first grapes were planted on hills near the northeast of Bratislava, a current capital of Slovakia. The most recognizable wine association for Slovakia are ones that come from the city of Tokaj (a region which is shared with Hungary). Wines from Tokaj are often sweet because the grapes are left on the vines long enough to develop ‘noble rot’ mold. Noble rot shrivels the grapes which lowers the amount of water in them, thus increasing the sugar count. Don’t worry though, the tasting notes from noble rot aren’t too funky - the finished produced is often syrupy and rich.


5.45 million (2018)

49,035 sq km (18,932 sq mi)

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