About Switzerland

Switzerland is a small country located between Belgium and Italy which is known for the Swiss Alps (namely the Matterhorn), producing the most amount of chocolate globally as well as producing a notable amount of luxury watches. The land is mountainous and lake-ridden with lots of opportunities for hiking and winter sports. What it is not very well known for globally is its wine, but that doesn’t have to do with its quality as much as it does with how little they export. A measly 2% of Swiss wine is exported from the country, and most of it goes to neighboring Germany. Unlike most countries which have one or at most two official languages, Switzerland has four: French, Italian, German, and Romansch. The multitude of official languages contribute to Switzerland’s cultural diversity by making each region unique from the next. Their viticulture is also diverse, topping over 200 grape varieties, mostly of pinot noir and chasselas (a native white grape variety). There are 6 wine regions in Switzerland - the largest one is Valais which pumps out nearly 50% of Switzerland’s wine production. Valais is also home to the world’s smallest registered vineyard which is only composed of three vines and is owned by the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama sells roughly 3,000 bottles of his wine each year and donates proceeds to children in need - finally a place which gives you a philanthropic excuse for consuming wine!


8.57 million (2019)

41,285 sq km (15,940 sq mi)

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