About Argentina

Located in the most southern region of South America, Argentina is a large and diverse country with a high wine production. Before the 1990’s, Argentina produced the most wine out of any countries not located in Europe. Currently, Argentina has been beaten by the USA for wine production although the country still sits close to the top in 5th place. The vast country is known for its beautiful scenery, wild Patagonian red shrimp, being the birthplace of Tango (a vibrant, rhythmic ballroom dance), and an amalgamation of cascading waterfalls called the Iguazú Falls. On top of being a country famous for large amounts of both steak production and consumption, Argentina is also known for being a top producer of malbec red wine. Malbec’s roots were entangled with Argentina in the late 1800’s when it was requested that Michel Pouget, an ampelographer, assist Argentina in developing their wine industry by importing grape varieties from overseas. He was successful in is mission by bringing Argentina foreign grapes that would flourish and become globally sought-after. ‘Mendoza’ is Argentina’s star region of wine, accounting for roughly 75% of all output. It is also the most famous region in the world for growing malbec due to its sunny nature and high altitude varying between 800m-1500m of elevation. Mendoza is the largest wine producer in all of Latin America and even has a wine museum for those who are eager to learn about wine history.


44.49 million (2018)

2.78 million sq km (1.074 million sq mi)

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